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The Suffolk Military Aviation society started up as just an email group back in 2010 upon the demise of The Mildenhall Aviation Society, taking on the mantle of covering movements for RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath and grew from there.
To date we are group of 300+ aviation enthusiasts with an interest in RAF Mildenhall, RAF Lakenheath, as well as RAF Marham, STANTA Range, Wattisham and anywhere modern military aircraft may be seen in the East Anglia region.


We offer all our members the opportunity to access a secure website, an email group, a forum, and a Facebook page.

SMAS also publishes a monthly movements report, runs a monthly photo competition, and tries to organised trips to bases and other locations where military aircraft can be seen (Museums, Heritage sites etc)

(Tours Cancelled for the time being due to COVID).

In 2020, we also started to have access to official merchandise offered for sale from some of the local-based squadrons. We have based lists, radio frequencies, locations and other utilities that would assist anyone wishing to visit the East Anglian bases.


This website is the main source of information for our members, albeit the email group deals with movements happening now.

There are currently many different topics at the moment, but it is anticipated that more may follow.

Access is given once a person joins our society.

Based & Preserved

Based at RAF Mildenhall, RAF Lakenheath, RAF Marham & preserved in East Anglia.

News, Rumours, Air shows, Media & Website Updates 

A page that deals with as it states and is updated as much as possible with any news, rumours about the bases in the area or general news relating to aviation that may be of interest to members.

Air show news is posted as to where they will take place, when and hopefully what is expected.

Website updates are also posted on this page.


That go back to July 2020, covering all East Anglian locations that modern military aircraft operate from or visit. However, not everything is identified, serial wise.

US Military Database

This is a work in progress but covers many of the US Military units that can be seen at both Mildenhall and Lakenheath. It is hoped that soon it will be a searchable database.

For Sale

This has three subsections.
1. For sale from 48th Fighter Wing.
2. For Sale from 67th Special Operations Squadron
3. For Sale by members selling private aviation related items.

Useful Links

Items available on the internet that may be of use to S.M.A.S. members.

Where to View 

Assistance on where to view at the three main military bases, Mildenhall, Lakenheath & Marham. Also includes radio frequencies and local amenities.


Our member’s galleries. Photos that have been taken by SMAS members and official sources from various East Anglian locations.

SMAS Photo Competitions 

Previous photo competition winners and entries. It is hoped that soon, SMAS members will soon be able to vote in the current competition using this page.


A page full of useful files to download, including movement reports from Jan 2018 to date, Based lists, Maps, Historical based lists for Mildenhall and Lakenheath, current Radio Frequencies and 48th Fighter Wing callsigns.


The email group is where information that is happening now (Inbounds, Departures) are posted, Expected UK military flights, Night stops are also posted on a daily basis.

It is also the place where members can communicate with other members.


The Forum preceded the website yet still holds a lot of information that has yet to be placed onto the website. Until that transfer is completed, members are offered access.

It is also a place where photographs can be posted and voting in the competitions takes place.

Members are still able to post to the forum in any of the topics shown.


The S.M.A.S. Facebook mainly hosts images posted by members as that seems to be the easiest option of posting. Occasionally other topics appear.

This is also another place where voting for our photo competitions take place.

We believe that no other Aviation Society offers such a wide range of social media platforms, sources of information and numerous items of interest to the military aviation enthusiast for the same asking membership price.


and finally ….

Should you wish to join The Suffolk Military Aviation Society or ask for a free copy of an old version of our Monthly Movements Report, please contact our membership secretary via our contact form at the foot of this page.

Thank you for having the interest and time taking to read this page. We do hope to hear from you and welcome you into the group.